Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security

At International Automobile Association Inc. We highly value your security and privacy and hence it is our expectation that as a user of this website you will cooperate with our terms and conditions and other specifications or policies so that together we can maintain security and privacy.

Information Use and Collection

Personal or individual information will be collected through the website online application forms and other user interaction interfaces for the purposes in connection with International driver’s permit. Personal information collected will only be disclosed for the internal organization purposes and by the authorized staff. The company will retain your individual data for as long as the purpose of data collection is in continuation or for the business and legal purposes. Personal information shared with is not leased, shared or sold to third parties because we respect your privacy. Information that we collect includes; personal information, contact information, shipping information and driving permit identifying information which is in the form of text and images. The collection is done as required or permitted by the law and at the user's consent.

Site access

As a website user, you are responsible for all kind of access to the site provided it's your internet connection even if the access may be conducted by another person. As an organization, we are using all the resources at our disposal to enhance the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the website at all times. However, a guarantee is not given of the site being error free or always available. As a result, it's recommended that your own safety measures and integrated.

Site cookies

For better services from our website, there may be a request to use cookies but we assure you that critical information such as credit card information for payment is not stored as cookies. Only basic information such as country of access and other information which may not be regarded as private in regard to the International driver’s permit application and renewal.

Protection of personal data

As an organization, we are entitled to safely retain your personal data from cyber insecurity through appropriate measures and which are also consent with much of the applicable laws. However, 100% secure data transfer over the internet is not guaranteed and as a result, if a user you feel that there has been a compromise do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Secure transactions

As a user of the website, online payments are made for application or renewal purposes and bank related information are shared during the operations. To ensure the privacy of your financial data among other data our organization uses a HTTPS secure connection which adopts the encryption art. Users are therefore advised to also use browsers that promote secure transaction in order to enjoy our services.

Change of policies

The organization has got the right to change privacy policies at any time and without any notification to the users. Changes to the privacy and security notices are automatic and hence users are encouraged to frequently review the notices for continued effective servicing and operations from the website.

For any clarification and question regarding our privacy and security notices contact us at: Interantional: +1 305 224 1272.