Terms And Conditions


The access and use of our website must follow an agreement with International Automobile Association Inc. terms and conditions.

Please consider reading carefully our terms and conditions since they govern your operations within the website. Therefore, if you do not agree with our terms and conditions, kindly don’t use the website. Our website means all pages which are under the www.international-permit.com domain name.

1. Application

Prior to my application, I pledge to follow all state, city, federal and international traffic regulations required by law. I acknowledge that I may not drive anywhere without a driver’s permit which is valid. I will obey all regulations and rules of the UN conference of road traffic in 1923, 1943, 1949 and 1968. I acknowledge that the International Driver’s Permit is national/domestic driver’s permit translation and hence not valid without a driver permit. I hereby certify that my driver permit is currently valid and not revoked or suspended.

2. Information accuracy

While the International Automobile Association Inc. has made a tremendous effort to ensure that all the data present in the website is free from errors or misprints. The data may be inaccurate or outdated and upon all respects, we, therefore, don’t guarantee completeness or accuracy of the information contained in the website. However, only international-permit.com administrators are allowed to alter or change the information or materials on the website and this happens without prior notification to the website users.

3. Third parties

To ensure that the quality services are offered and delivery of valid international driver’s permit which will enhance smooth interactions with different local authorities, the website may contain external links or links to third party websites. For example, www.ups.com, our website does not make any representations for such website contents. The provision of such links is only for the convenience and reference of users.

4. Jurisdictions

Unless specified otherwise, the products and services from this website are only available to the countries globally as listed in the website and the International Driver’s Permit is only not valid in South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Mainland China. As a result, other than users with driving permit from the listed countries, the application will not be accepted unless it’s stated otherwise.

5. Respect for other authorities

Your use of the International Automobile Association Inc. website is at your own risk. As a website user, you are responsible for making sure that your use and access of the website is not prohibited or unlawful in accordance with the laws which might be applicable to you.

6. Copyright and Intellectual property rights

Materials presented on this website unless indicated otherwise are under the copyright given to International Automobile Association Inc. the contents may not be reproduced in part, in whole or even made available without the organizations’ consent. Additionally, none of the website materials may be altered, distributed, copied or transmitted to any other party without permission from the company.