How To Create 3 Images For Applying IDD

3 Required images to apply

IDD photos

  1. Color Photo
    Unsed ID style portrait color photo (facing forward) with solid background. No sunglasses, caps, etc…
  2. Handwritten
    Signature Simply sign your name on a blank page
  3. Copy of Driver’s Permit
    Digital copy of valid domestic driver’s permit

How to create these 3 photo images

  • Desktop Scanner
    Scan one or all three images.
  • Smartphone
    Photograph one or all three images using the front or back camera
  • Digital Camera
    Photograph one or all three images
  • Professional Assistance
    You may use the assistance of a professional at your local copy store

How to upload these images

Browse image files at the time of application or email them to at a later time. Be sure to cross reference your application information in the email.

Thank You.